In 2000 a group of highly trained but poorly prepared monkeys met in the desert.

In 2001 these monkeys regrouped to try to get it right.

From 16mm projectors to multichannel video, Camp Image Node has always been a place about audiovisual experimentation, video art, and the occasional dance party. Though we have changed over the years, and cultivated a love of minimal techno, among other things, we are devoted to remaining a space for live experimentation and multimedia experiments at Burning Man. Also, we like blinkytronics. Lots.

Notable projects include The Seizuredome AKA Grand Mal, Petit Mal, No Context, Hobotech, The Dangletron 4000, Capitol Offense, The Tron Project, The Office Of Domeland Security, The Interstellar Space Barge, Bush Bush Revolution, an awesome greywater system (when it works), some amazing parties with Wolf + Lamb at the controls, and Silent Football, which we remain in love with.